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Bio: Official Siddes account - Bringing back privacy to social media.


Siddes has been updated and a new macOS Desktop App is now available!

Proof that Siddes won't track you. 😎
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Proof that Siddes won't track you. 😎
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NEWS | According to @404, we are getting a new update.

NEWS | Themes and plugins have already been considered to be developed upon release! | What type of plugins would you like to use/create on Siddes? | What themes would you like to use/create on Siddes? Leave a reply below! 👇🏻

NEWS | Yes, Siddes will eventually have a desktop/mobile app after its release (2021). Be patient. 😉


NEWS | Siddes has been updated.

DMs now look right.

Posts can now be 1000 characters... suck it twitter users

We now have boards! On desktop you can see them on the right sidebar. We are working on a fix for mobile.

Your home feed is now who you follow. You notifications now show up in the notifications tab.

To create a new post, go to settings, etc. press your pfp in the bottom left and a menu will appear.

Please pass on bug reports to an admin (@x @404 )

If you want us to create a new board, DM an administrator

NEWS | A user named @latest/0 has appeared in Siddes and shows up the breach on the names filter.

POLL | Should Siddes have a Discord Community? Answer in the comments!

NEWS | According to the latest story of the Siddes official Instagram account (siddesdotcom) we will get a big update in the next few days (v1.0.7).

This account is now an official account of Siddes. I'll be posting the latest news and updates on Siddes here.

Welcome to the Siddes News page! If any administrator sees this and they want or need this account, I am obviously open to give it. Have a good day, I'll be posting news here.