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Date: November 10th, 2020

Boards will be something like Reddit™ communities but structured as YouTube™ topics.

Boards will be voted on by the community and every week a new board is created. The new board that will be created is the board with the most votes by the community.

Boards will be centered around topics like the NFL™. Each board will use an algorithm to find posts related to that board. When someone visits this board, there will be a live chat that is only about that board on the right. On the left will be the posts about this topic. Sortable by relevance, date, or like count.

While on a board, users will be able to make posts only for that board. These type of posts will only show up on that board. They will not show up by tags, searches, or user accounts. The live chat will be only for premium users.

To participate in voting on new boards, your account must meet standards to make sure these boards are not spammed. To post on these boards, your account also must meet these standards.

Please see an example image below.