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Dear folks, your new president here. First post on this account.

Siddes is open source! Have an idea or want to add something? Check out the GitHub repo and we may just push it ;) 


QOTD: What's the most liked post on Siddes?


what are yall up to?

Hey! We are post poning launch until january of 2023. We have gone open-source since the last update (source code here: ) so, if you want to contribute just create a pull.

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is this dead

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Minecraft stuff
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I like pancakes

Merry Late Christmas! 🎄 

(I don’t check Siddes enough lol)

shrell smith

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my banner is color pallette for the new dark mode, if you open it in a new tab youll also get the rgb values...

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logging into siddes and.. holy mother, what a big update