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Bio: Co-CEO of Siddes Media


Siddes is open source! Have an idea or want to add something? Check out the GitHub repo and we may just push it ;) 

what are yall up to?

Guys, we are looking for a logo! DM us one on Instagram if youd like :) @siddesdotcom

GAMERS and non gamers ! What do y’all want to see done on siddes? We have more themes coming. So anything besides that lol

Rip Sal
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How are you sexy people doing?

This is the first post from the windows desktop app!!!

Cereal before the milk
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Big stuff in the coming month

Your clothes off now
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Please clear you cache :)

Major update coming 👀

We are going to implement something similar to subreddits, but need a custom name. You guys have any suggestions?

Good thing you can change it here 😳 
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Hey! Did you know we have DMs and Hashtags? To Dm someone simply go to their profile and press "message". Click the messages on the bottom right (for desktop) and there you go! Now you can slide into dms ;) #siddes 

The follower bug is fixed 👀 thanks @404

There is currently a bug with viewing who you're following, we are working on that!

Hi. I’m Drew